Delta4 Phantom+

Delta4 Phantom+

Accurate patient QA in less time than ever
The Delta4 Phantom+ is the fastest and most accurate 4D verification system on the market. It offers the most efficient and accurate verification of IMRT, VMAT, Halcyon, Radixact, and TomoTherapy plans, and is the only system that measures the dose distribution in the isocentric region rather than a single flat or wrapped plane.
The Delta4 Phantom+ is equipped with patented geometric, dual orthogonal detector planes and specialized detectors that make it a unique QA system that fulfills the requirements in TG-218.

1 The Delta4 Phantom+ is a must-have for any radiation therapy clinic, offering accurate and reliable measurements for optimal treatment outcomes

2 With its high-resolution detector array, the Delta4 Phantom+ provides unparalleled accuracy in characterizing complex treatment fields, ensuring the highest level of patient safety

3 Say goodbye to the hassle and downtime of traditional patient QA methods – the Delta4 Phantom+ is easy to use and can be quickly set up for various measurements, saving you valuable time and resources

4 The Delta4 Phantom+ is the ultimate QA solution, compatible with multiple treatment machines and seamlessly integrated into existing workflows, ensuring minimal disruption to your clinicís operations

5 Invest in the future of radiation therapy with the Delta4 Phantom+, a tool that delivers the highest level of accuracy and efficiency for optimal patient outcomes.

“As a Clinical Scientist, I value the straightforward, meaningful data that Delta4 provides. The wireless functionality of the Delta4 Phantom+ makes it so quick and easy to use, it is even been described by one member of staff as an absolute dream.”
Karen HawthornClinical Scientist, Newcastle upon Thyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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