Nina - Nuclear Medicine Information System and Nuclear Medicine Archive

Nuclear Medicine Information System and Nuclear Medicine Archive

The only archive system designed for the Nuclear Medicine department.

Support and service by Internet connection or Dial-In.

On-line queries to Index database on DICOM and NucMed-IOD fields.

Nina accepts standard DICOM archive commands (C-STORE, C-MOVE, QUERY) but is also ready to receive data in Interfile format.

Optional modules allow connections to legacy and proprietary equipment and Data Formats: GE, Adac, Elscint, Picker, Siemens and Toshiba.

Image data is stored using dual redundancy: always residing on two separate physical media. Initially data is placed in short and long-term disk storage, later it resides on long-term disk or in a tape or CD-ROM archive.

The sub-system uses DAT or DLT tape drives or CD-ROM Jukeboxes. Data can also be archived via the Internet to tertiary storage centre. The CD-ROM sub-system uses standard CD-ROM Jukebox or standard DAT or DLT tape library.

Nina keeps track of image data in an Index Database storing references to many critical study and image parameters as well as the data location. Nina can be queried using any capable DICOM device or a standard Web browser and images can be retrieved and reviewed on standard Workstations or directly in the Web browser.

Economic - most significantly, Nina is designed to be a cost-effective solution for Nuclear Medicine departments.

Scaleable - additional storage modules allow for growth; DICOM compliance provides connection to PACS and HIS/RIS HL7.

Reliable - rigorous quality control and meticulous design standards for long-term Reliability

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